Hard lock «ROLL-LOCK» — is a unique mechanism based on a completely new principle of blocking mutual rotation of the two gears by the third. The gears have the same tooth module.

The principle lies in the impossibility of rotation of the three gears, which are in mutual engagement relative to each other.

To implement this principle on practice, additional axle with a pair of locking satellites with smaller diameter than the main is placed in the differential each of which is in contact with only one of the half-axis gears. Axis has a freedom degree, allowing it to change the angle of the crossing with the axis of the main satellites. Thereby blocking the satellites can roll under a pair of «side gear — the main satellite,» excepting their mutual rotation.

Blocking gear delivery vehicle is ring which is coaxial with the differential housing and rotatable relative thereto. Block satellite axle is rigidly connected with the ring. Rotation of the ring relative to the differential is performed by acting on the brake band associated with the rope drive, while driving.

Unlike the previous model blocking satellites axis is made Z-shaped, which compensates the reactive moments acting on the axle and eliminates shock loads on the gear.
Blocking is compulsory and has two states: «free differential» and «locked differential.»
In order to prevent unintentional engagement of the lock mechanism, activation is made when the vehicle is reversing.

Demonstration on the stand - Watch

Disassembly differential lock - Watch