Technical information

User Manual

Differential lock «Roll-Lock» is controlled remotely.
Enabling and disabling the lock is made by raising the control cable, which is connected to the brake band mechanism.

It is switched on in the reverse driving at a speed of 5 — 10 km \ h, with minor deviations from the rectilinear motion. Control inclusion is the movement of a vehicle along a curved path. When locked, the angular speed of the rear wheels is the same, and the outer wheel has to slow down a bit, and the internal wheel to slip.

Turning mechanism off is made while going ahead, by lifting the handle and the activation of the brake band, for any trajectory of motion at speeds up to 10 km \ h.



1) Remove rear axle gear from the car (or take a new one).

2) Remove the pinion gear driven final with the differential assembly from the axle gear.

3) Remove the nut and remove the pinion flange with a lead spacer sleeve.

4) Whittle away crossed ribs on the front top of the gear housing until the appearing of flat area parallel to mount flange of PTO shaft.

5) stake the point shown in Photo 1; drill a hole in the direction to the place of the joint bearing cap with the differential cover, cast in the housing (photo 2),with a drill with a diameter of 8.6 mm (for M10 thread pitch 1.25).

Should be drilled in the cover opposite to the gear final.

6) Cut the M10 thread pitch of 1.25  in the hole.

7) Wash and blow with compressed air  the gear housing to eliminate abrasive dust and metal particles.

8) Remove the driven gear box from the differential housing.

9) Take the supplied lock «ROLL-LOCK».

Remove the support ring. To do this, unscrew the screws that secure the sectors with stoppers, fixing additional axis. (Photo 3).



Lift up the support ring.

10) Do not unscrew sector mounting axis and put on and fasten gear driven final. Watch that the fixing axis sector is not spinning before stopper loss. (Stopper biased).

11) put on and fasten the support ring. Additional satellites axis is asymmetrical, so the screws fixing the axis are located at different heights; this screws are correspond to the lower screw holes (without reamer) in the lower part of the support ring. Short screw is set in the nearest to the axial, hole! (photo 4)



Use lock threaded connections!

12) Install the differential bearing.

13)Verification operation:

- Install the pinion gear final with spacer sleeve into the gear case, install the flange screw in the pinion shaft to eliminate the longitudinal play.

- establish a differential box with bearings in the gear housing.

- Initially tighten without play differential bearing caps.

- Verify the existence and magnitude of the gap between the pinion gear and the ring master reference lock, turning by hand mounting flange driveshaft.

14) In the absence of a gap to grind off the pinion end, as shown in photo 5, to the contact point, if used gear \ y, which corresponds to approximately 2 mm at the corners of the teeth. Rinse, blow detail.

foto5 обработка ведущей шестерни


15) Install the counter shaft leading into the gear, screw, tighten to specified in the manual repair cars VAZ.

16) Install the lock on the brake band and bracket into the gear case. Brake band should be in the groove with the ring support. (6 photos)



17) Adjust the relative position of the gears final tighten the bearing caps. When tightening the bolts, fixing bracket Brake Band, pay attention to the fact that the tape is directly over the groove of the ring support.

18) Take control cable (photo 6), to remove from it the collet. Using a collet locking screw thread in the gear housing.

19) Skip the rope braided through the collet, the wire through the hole in the arm and the opposite on the brake band, previously putting a damper spring (photo 6), set the locking lugs so that when the control handle is completely lowered a rope brake band was in a groove in the dimensions of the support ring without hindering the rotation of the differential.

When lifting the knob moving rope fixing lugs approximately 1 cm.

20) Unscrew the nut of the collet locking rope handle sealant place output cable from the collet set crackers, tighten the nut.

21) When installing the gear on the car, pulling the cable sheath relative to the handle turn, pull the cable out of the locking groove of the handle. This will skip rope in the interior of the vehicle. In the passenger compartment control knob set back.

22) Before installment shorten the left axle is 4 mm. This is a non-working part of the slots.

Reduction unit ready for installation.

It is recommended that the control knob is mounted on the bracket (photo 6) to facilitate the management area in the cabin to fix firmly.